Greve Geral – Lisboa, 27 de Junho

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EN | After the authorized general strike that took place in Lisbon on june the 27th 2013, a group of 3-400 people spontaneously gathered and kept walking down the streets, strictly watched by the police, who lead the parade. Despite the presence of many armed agents, the group unexplainably ended up walking along the access to the “Ponte 25 de Abril” (the so-called bridge of April the 25th, former Salazar Bridge), symbol of the portuguese revolution. Taking advantage of a curve in the road, the agents forced the protesters into a dead end to identify them.

Campo Mártires da Pátria nº 1

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PT | O Ministério, predio histórico de Lisboa ocupado desde o 25 de Abril de 2013, é despejado pela polícia no dia 27.

Voltar para a terra

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EN | As a result of heavy cuts by the Portuguese Government, Rogerio Ramos, a professor of geography in secondary schools, loses his job. To continue to teach, Rogerio emigrates in the south of the country with a temporary contract and a salary lower than the unemployment benefit. When this contract is not renewed Rogerio returns to his parents in the north of Portugal.
Here he tries a radical change devoting himself to the project of an organic farm in his family land.


Via Flaminia, 388
00195 ROMA
T: +393342551582


Rua de São Pedro Mártir
1100-558 LISBOA
T: +351 938663538