Let’s say you just had a brilliant idea which may have a remarkable social impact, but poor return of investment.
You shared it within a local community, lots of people will find it useful, but you still need to get money to make it real.

We all know that when it comes the moment to raise funds, crowdfunding platforms help a lot: Crowdsupply, Kickstarter, Gofundme, Indiegogo

Well, if you create a crowdfunding campaign you need contributors, and producing a video – according to Kickstarter – will get your project an extra 50% chance to get your audience engaged.

Crowdfunding projects with videos have more than 50% rate of success; otherwise success rate falls to less than 30%.

A good video shall help your potential contributors get an answer to the following questions:

  • Who promoted the project?
  • What is the project about?
  • Why do they need my help?
  • How should I help them with their project and what are the rewards?

Brand New Video implemented a professional solution to produce engaging videos for crowdfunding projects, by focusing on:

  • Narrative – prepare a script —> tell your project’s story / make a story out of your project
  • Quality – pro video and audio —> full HD, well crafted image composition and lighting, selective focus for both audio and video
  • Length – keep it short —> short message brings engagement; explosive opening, hooks and ending will keep it at a high level
  • Clear message  stick to the request —> you’re asking for money: don’t forget to ask

Even if to make money you need money, we managed how to keep the right balance high quality / low price by concentrating the whole production process in 2-3 days and by accurately selecting the right equipment.

Single shooter solution for crowdfunding video production

Brand New Video provides optimized solutions for any kind of crowdfunding video and (almost) any budget. To get a sense of how it works, check the video above we created for Agararte.

AgarArte offers to many artists and craftspeople a space to create and sell artworks and products, to raise public awareness by offering to the people the chance to participate in the artistic process closely, to give an opportunity to the artists to live on their work and to propose a point of reference for alternative arts, outside of the market schemes.

With this aim, the cooperative rented a place in Lisbon and has partially restored it with the support of volunteers, to finally give life to the project. At this time, AgarArte has a place (the ground floor) dedicated to cultural activities ranging between the different artistic areas – music, theater, literature, photography, dance, yoga, arts and crafts – and where artists and craftspeople can express themselves, exhibit, teach and exchange ideas among themselves and with their public.

screenshotDespite the efforts of all the participants, the cooperative has not yet succeeded to carry out its project for lack of funds and so does not currently have the possibility to offer a workshop/studio where artists and craftspeople can create and produce. The rooms of the basement floor — which will be used as a laboratory by artists and craftspeople to develop projects and create works of art and craft products, need to be renovated. 

Agararte decided then to create a crowdfunding campaign and Brand New Video created the video above, which required one day of shooting and a couple of editing sessions.

Id you like it, send us your project/idea/campaign and we will help you spreading the word by making a story out of it!


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