May the 21st: the Court of Velletri (Rome) opens to the high school students of Southern Rome area for the “Giornata della Legalitá” (“A day within the Law”), an initiative promoted by Associazione Nazionale Magistrati, Tribunale Ordinario di Velletri and Procura della Repubblica di Velletri with Council of Bars and Law Societies of Velletri (Ordine degli Avvocati di Velletri). photo203472431131765304
During this day, students have the chance to learn tools and characters of the Law, how Justice works and is applied, and to take a tour of the facilities of Tribunale di Velletri which for instance, at the moment, is the second in geographical extension and audience size after Rome’s.

As soon as he got involved into the organizational process, Francesco Posati (Ordine degli Avvocati di Velletri) understood that a presentation video would be the best option in order to deliver an institutional message to such a huge bunch youngsters.

Along with him, Brand New Video found a “free zone” where politics needs could meet the main objective, whichphoto203472431131765303 was to get and keep students’ attention.
We can say we’ve found the perfect balance, somehow: on the one hand the video has a direct approach, is dynamic (lots of shots, a time lapse, documentary style) and goes straight to the point; thanks to the voice of Marco Pennacchini the narration is loud and clear; on the other side Francesco helped us out managing all the communication with lawyers, judges and institutions by balancing references to each instance.

The video includes a historic overview of the Court and of its results, it shows its area of influence and all the parts involved into the Application of Law, it explains how Justice generally works, and what are the future objectives of the Tribunale di Velletri.

photo203472431131765302Despite the plain shape of the Court’s facilities, Brand New Video managed to deliver an aesthetic compromise by focusing on details and close-ups.

This video has been shown during the “day within the Law”, in front of 400 students, and it’s been a success: besides the applause, the message has been delivered and all the customer’s “parts in play” were satisfied, as “there was nothing we could have done better”.


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