Brand New Video produces tales and stories through sounds and motion pictures. We believe that storytelling is the most effective and impressive way to share knowledge and to spread meanings. That’s why every Brand New Video comes out with a touch of narrative, a spark of life. Our aim is to provide you with an audio-visual storytelling, according to your needs.
Thanks to the work we have done so far in many European countries, Brand New Video has become part of an international network, which is at your disposal to handle productions throughout the whole continent.

Brand New Video speaks English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and French: let us speak for you!

At your request, Brand New Video can take care of every step of the production: we love brainstorming, drafting concepts and storyboards in collaboration with our customers, as well as creating bespoke narrative structures.

Brand New Video moves fast: we are able to set up a light troupe even with a few days in advance (but as usual, the sooner the better!), hiring technical equipment and vehicles, finding extra skilled crew members and a proper accommodation for your staff.

After the shooting, Brand New Video can either send you the raw footage or edit your video and put it on social networks, creating accounts or channels.

Last but not least, Brand New Video can organize online streaming for live events.
We can manage every single part of the process, from pre-production to social network management.

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