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Improv Sessions Live @ Desterro

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Every Tuesday at Desterro (Lisbon), improvisation sessions live on the stage, starting at 10 p.m. Desterro is the new spot in Lisbon where you will be able to record, perform and listen to music. The place is run by artists like (among many others) trumpet Luis Vicente and electronic composer Jari Marjamaki. Brand New Video assisted to the first session ever, and made a short promo out of it.

For more info, please check Desterro's Facebook page.

Um café com…

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EN | May 2014: Jazz Ao Centro Clube has set up the XII Encontros Internacionais de Jazz de Coimbra, one of the most important jazz events in Portugal. During the festival, each artist agreed to sit and chat in front of a cup of coffee. This series has been produced, written and directed by Brand New Video for Jazz Ao Centro Clube. Click on the arrows above to navigate through the videos!

A free jazz “tuga” tour

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EN | November 2013: Metric Conversion Quartet leave Lisbon for a van trip which will bring the portuguese free jazz band gigging around in Europe. Brand New Video followed them in Badajoz, Orléans and Paris.
Once in Paris, Roberto Negro joins Luís Vicente, Federico Pascucci, Vasco Furtado e André Rosinha, and the metamorphosis is complete: What about Sam? is the name of the newborn band whose album will be released next October.


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